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Asia Weiss Limited

Asia Weiss is established on 01, January, 2010 as the sister company of Switzerland Weiss Engineering Ltd. It is a join venture between Weiss Engineering Ltd. president Mr. Daniel Weiss and records producer Mr. Kent Poon. Asia Weiss Limited handles all works for Weiss Engineering Ltd. in Asia region. The commitment is very simple to supply state-of-the-art audio ­equipment to music studios and residential customers alike.




Square Wave Limited

Square Wave is established on 01, August, 2010. It is defined as an audio multi-brands B2B distribution and B2C retail company in Asia region. It has represented over 50 international high-end audio and professional audio brands. We established in Hong Kong as the headquarters, then extended our branches offices to major countries and cities.




Design w Sound

Design w Sound is established on February, 2006. A high-end production and consultancy company. When moved back to Hong Kong, I worked as the audio consultant role for few market leading audio manufacturers and distributors. Up today our audio production works, recordings, mixing and mastering projects are under Design w Sound company. We have privilege to participate on 2008 Beijing Olympic Records, and hundreds of legendary high quality recordings in the audiophile market. Our skill sets and knowledge on productions and audio technologies are highly respected by the industry. In near future Design w Sound will start a new B2C consultancy services for audiophiles.



Montreux Jazz Festival China

The legendary Switzerland music festival “MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL” extends to China from 2021. This new Festival license will offer an eclectic program on the theme “When West Meets East”, combining Chinese and Asian music and of course jazz, which has been enjoying a new lease of life in the country in recent years. This new partnership pursues the Montreux Jazz Festival’s desire to forge links with other continents and to mix different musical cultures. I’m invited as the CTO of Montreux Jazz Festival China and handle all technical aspects on concerts, especially audio engineering. We are looking forward to provide the high resolution immersive streaming services of the content besides the live concerts.