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Kent Poon 潘建章先生是亞洲著名監製及音響工程師。他於1993年在北美開始音樂製作,參與大量錄音及母帶生產項目。1995年錄製其首個24bit/96kHz高清數碼錄音,97年加入世界最大音響學會AES(Audio Engineering Society),是歷史上最年輕全職會員之一。同年成立母帶音響研究室,5年間參與超過600多個錄音工程,同時間在香港多本音響雜誌撰寫數碼技術文章而為本地音響愛好者所認識。

潘建章先生於1999年與加拿大揚聲器生產商 Focus Audio 合作研製 MT1/MC1/FS888 系列揚聲器,供應給蒙特婁麥基爾大學(McGill University)錄音部門的格蘭美得獎錄音師使用。Kent由那時開始接觸瑞士 Weiss Engineering 的數碼母帶產品,立定了未來合作的開啟。

潘建章先生由2000年成為Weiss Engineering 音響顧問,2003年回流香港,為了紀念而錄製了首張《爵士原音三部曲》”Audiophile Jazz Prologue” 專輯,之後潘先生成立了Design w Sound製作公司。2005年《爵士原音2》使用了當時最高規格的SACD制式。2009《爵士原音3》加入革命性HiRes高清音頻檔案,於全球發燒音響界大受歡迎。


2010年潘建章先生及瑞士Weiss Engineering創辦人Daniel Weiss在香港合資成立了Asia Weiss Limited (亞洲威仕有限公司)。同年八月與另外二位董事成立了 Square Wave Limited (方浪國際有限公司)發展多元化音響品牌代理業務。”SquareWave方浪”代表了完美數碼資料的意義,定立了業務發展頂尖數碼音響的主力方針。2012年方浪國際與丹麥音響品牌 Vitus Audio 創辦人 Hans Ole Vitus 在香港合資成立了 AVA Asia Limited 打理 Vitus Audio 及其兒子Alexander Vitus 的 Alluxity 品牌亞洲地區發展。

潘建章先生致力推廣高清數碼音響文化及高品質錄音,包括在2011年首間與德國慕尼黑最大母帶製作室MsM Studio合作發展Pure Audio Bluray純音響藍光唱片,與本港HiFitrack.com合作推出高清數碼音頻檔案,與女歌手趙學而監製一系列高質素錄音專輯,更成為大中華地區首兩間蘋果”Mastered for iTunes” (MFiT) 驗證製作室。2014/2015/2016潘建章先生遠赴溫哥華,在北美最高規格Armoury Studio,監製男歌手黃凱芹與一眾格蘭美樂手錄製音響唱片工作。此作品推出了CD/SACD/黑膠及MQS制式DSD高清音頻檔案。

潘建章先生認為錄音,是時間的代表。高品質錄音及音響重播是能超越時間,重回到一個時光。 希望你會認識音響,找到你心裡的時光。

Mr. Kent Poon – Asian recording producer and sound engineer. He started recording study and works from 1993 in North America, to participate large number of recording and mastering projects. His first 24bit / 96kHz high-definition digital recording was made at 1995. In 1997 Kent joined the world’s largest audio society AES (Audio Engineering Society). He was one of the youngest full members in AES history. He was widely recognised by the Chinese audiophiles from his technical articles written for few Hong Kong audiophile magazines.

Before year 2000, Kent cooperation with the Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer “Focus Audio” to develop MT1 / MC1 / FS888 series loudspeakers for McGill University in Montreal. The McGill’s engineer won the 1999 Grammy motion picture engineering award. Throughout these early years, Kent came into contact with the Swiss manufacturer Weiss Engineering in digital mastering products. This became an important standing open for future cooperation.

Kent became Weiss Engineering consultant in year 2000. He returned to Hong Kong around 2003, to commemorate the debut recording “Audiophile Jazz Prologue” project by his “Design w Sound” production company. 2005 “Audiophile Jazz Prologue part 02” established the highest audio quality standard in SACD format. 2009 “Audiophile Jazz Prologue part 03” released in the form of revolutionary high-definition audio files format. This becomes very popular in audiophile communities worldwide.

From the 2003 to 2007, Kent served as technical consultant for one of the biggest audio distributors in Greater China region to help this company develop high-end digital audio market. 2007-2009, Kent joined a private company to consolidate one Hong Kong and one Japan listed companies subsidiaries set up in Hong Kong, and opened its first thirty thousand square feet store. Over the same period he has the opportunity to work with the legendary master Mr. Chris Babida, and participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games theme music recording work.

In year 2010 Mr. Kent Poon and Mr.Daniel Weiss from Weiss Engineering Switzerland joint venture established “Asia Weiss Limited” in Hong Kong, handling all Asia regional works as the head office. The same year in August Kent and the other two directors established “SquareWave Limited” for multi-brands audio distribution business. “Square Wave” represents a perfect reputation of digital information, target in leading digital audio business development as its main approach. 2012 SquareWave Limited partnership with Danish audio brand Vitus Audio founder Hans Ole Vitus joint venture “AVA Asia Limited” taking care of Vitus Audio and Alexander Vitus “Alluxity” brand Asia development.

Mr. Kent Poon is committed to promoting high-definition digital audio and quality recording culture. 2011 he produced the first regional “Pure Audio Bluray” cooperation with German biggest mastering studio “MsM Studios” in Munich.

Many years in cooperation with the Hong Kong “HiFitrack.com” to launch high-definition digital audio file format. Producing various high quality recordings for female cantonese singer Bondy Chiu. Kent is one of the first two Apple approved “Mastered for iTunes” (MFiT) studios in Asia.

Mr. Kent Poon travels to Vancouver 3rd year in a row from 2014/2015/2016, to record Chinese male singer Christopher Wong and Grammy awarded musicians in world famous Vancouver Armoury Studios. His works have been released in CD / SACD / vinyl and MQS formats.

Mr. Kent Poon believes recordings represent time. High-quality sound recording and reproducing can transcend time, bring out the deepest memories. Hope you will like high end audio sound and find your own definition of time.


Square Wave Limited / Asia Weiss Limited / AVA Asia Limited / Design w Sound



錄音專輯Selected productions

Blanks in the card I cannot even fill with words,
Neither can my feelings of you be translated.
As for my love, cannot be written down,
But one person,
The only you will be able to read.

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